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The CMX865A is a multi-standard modem for use in Wireless Local Loop, Short Message Service
telephone based information and telemetry systems. Flexible line driver, hybrid and receiver circuits are
integrated on chip, requiring only passive external components to build a 2 or 4-wire line interface.
A high-quality DTMF decoder with excellent immunity to falsing on voice and a standard DTMF encoder
are included. Alternatively, these blocks can be used to transmit and detect user-specific, programmed
single and dual-tone signals, simple melodies, call progress signals or modem calling and answering

Host control and data transfer is via a high-speed serial bus that operates in normal and Powersave
modes and which is compatible with most simple types of µC serial interface. An embedded USART
allows multi-format asynchronous data and unformatted synchronous data to be received or transmitted
as 8-bit bytes.

The CMX865A operates from a single 3.0V to 3.6V supply over a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C
and is available in 16-pin SOIC (D4) and 16-pin TSSOP (E4) packages.

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